About Sonic Academy

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This website is the internet face of Sonic Academy whose head office is in Palmerston, Australia.

It is the collective product of dozens of specialist contributors each having decades of experience, education and research in their various industries:

  • Live stage performance,
  • Digital and analogue recording studios,
  • Audio and acoustic design,
  • Electronics and technology, and
  • Tuition and classroom education.

Sonic Academy was first established in Sydney, Australia in 1994.

Express Learning

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The subject material is covered in great depth in places, and yet is presented in a way that the very beginner can understand.

Comprehensive theoretical explanations are coupled with practical and interesting examples and exercises to make learning easy and fun.

Learn how to play those hot licks, recognisable rhythms and classic riffs.

Learn how to write hooks, harmonies and inspired lyrics

Walk into any equipment array and make an average band sound like megastar hit-makers.